BI Cloud Services

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Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Services

Can you quickly access all the information you need to analyze, from both inside and outside your organization, to understand what’s happening? Does it take too much heavy lifting to get answers to what you thought were simple questions? And are you confident enough in the results of your analysis to make decisions and take action?

In every industry, professionals like you are seeking new business analytics solutions to help answer these questions—new solutions that:


+ Make it possible to analyze any data, at any time, to get a complete picture in the moment, when it matters

+ Are accessible regardless of location or device

+ Are fast, easy, and flexible, yet robust, well-governed, and secure


In other words, a solution that offers the power and breadth of world-class analytics in an environment that is so friendly anyone can use it. Traditionally, systems like this require a significant investment of time and resources, which is often cost prohibitive.



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i4BI Cloud Services

i4BI packages your preferred cloud services; a combination of Oracle BI Cloud Services (cfr. above) extended with professional i4BI services. Infrastructure, software, training and support all in one offering.

One contract, one contact, a complete service offering.

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