Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is much more than reporting. Self-Service BI, Mobile, Visual Analytics can run on the same platform as your corporate BI system, giving the business users the ability to mash-up their data!

Mobile BI

Oracle Business Intelligence (BI) Mobile provides users with the ability to interact with all their analytical content in a touch-optimized manner, on smartphones and tablets, as well as a means to quickly create stunning, interactive, targeted mobile analytical apps without writing a single line of code. All this is available as an integrated component within the Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation Suite, with immediate benefits to business users, reduced IT administrative overhead, and a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) for enterprises.



Oracle BI Mobile consists of Oracle BI Mobile for iOS & Android and Oracle BI Mobile App Designer, two integrated and complementary solutions that work together to meet the full spectrum of mobile users’ analytical needs. Oracle BI Mobile enables customers to consume desktop based dashboards and reports as-is on mobile devices without the need for any re-work, providing companies with an easy and effective way to make users more productive while away from the office. Oracle BI Mobile App Designer empowers business users to create purpose-built analytical applications that are optimized to perform a specific analysis while on the go. These applications can range from stunning interactive briefing books, financial reports, dashboards, or customer facing analysis – for any line of business.
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Self-Service BI

Data Visualization is a web-based tool that allows the business user to individually explore Oracle analytics data visually. Data Visualization provides self-service analysis, seamlessly transitioning you between all phases of the analysis lifecycle: data staging, analysis, composition, and consumption.

Creating visualizations is so easy in Data Visualization that your data analysis work becomes more an individual experience in exploration and discovery rather than an extended process of constructing views from data. The Data Visualization user interface takes a few, simple inputs from you, then automatically creates rich, compelling graphics. The ease with which you create visualizations allows you to experiment with a wealth of different options for visualizing the data and making discoveries in terms of trend, correlations, and patterns.



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Big Data Discovery

Today’s Big Data challenge is not how to store it, but how to make sense of it. Oracle Big Data Discovery is a fundamentally new approach to making sense of Big Data, empowering organizations to quickly see and understand the potential of raw data in Hadoop, easily transform the data to make it better, and intuitively discover and share new value, all within a single visual product. Oracle Big Data Discovery offers tremendous speed at massive scale, streamlining Big Data analytics to unlock new value for everyone



Hadoop continues to gain momentum, with organizations increasingly using it to store the vast, uncurated data that exists beyond the enterprise data warehouse. While collecting and storing Big Data are necessarily the first steps in using it for analytics, they are for many organizations the only steps they can take. Existing approaches to analytics simply cannot accommodate Big Data which, by its nature, is very new, extremely diverse and of varying quality, constantly changing, and largely unfamiliar. This presents organizations with tough choices: hire highly specialized resources who can use complex and unintegrated tools to make sense of Big Data; or stitch together a series of emerging point solutions to try to get a picture of what’s in the data and what value it might offer.

Clearly what is needed is a holistic approach to Big Data that offers organizations an easy, intuitive way to see what they have collected in Hadoop and quickly understand its potential, work with the data visually and dynamically without switching tools and engage with their data via interactive discovery, moving rapidly to create visualizations and share insights with colleagues, allowing companies to leverage more of their analytical talent and driving innovation. Oracle Big Data Discovery is expressly designed to address these needs, making Big Data more accessible to everyone across the organization, decreasing the risks currently associated with Big Data projects, and speeding time to value.


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Pre built Solutions

Oracle Business Intelligence (BI) Applications are complete, prebuilt BI solutions that deliver intuitive, role-based intelligence throughout an organization. These solutions enable organizations to gain more insight and greater value from a range of data sources and applications including Oracle E Business Suite, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, Siebel, and third party systems such as SAP. Oracle BI Applications are built on the Oracle BI Suite Enterprise Edition, a comprehensive and market leading BI platform. This enables organizations to realize the value of a packaged BI application, such as rapid deployment, lower TCO, and built-in best practices, or to build custom BI applications, all on one common BI foundation.



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Oracle BI 12c

Analytics should be more than a mirror of the past. As a strategic practice, it offers the ability to understand what is happening in the moment, and helps you predict where your business can go. Making analytics a strategic practice requires a strategic platform that serves the entire organization’s needs, from the agility of visual analytics and self-service data discovery, to the power of an enterprise platform, including operational analysis at scale, security, reliability, extreme performance, and centralized management. Only Oracle combines this agility and power in a single platform because you shouldn’t have to choose between ease-of-use and world-class analytics.


Key Features

Visual Analytics

  • Stunning data visualization.
  • Secure sharing and collaboration.
  • Intelligent highlighting automatically connects related data.
  • Seamless user experience allows intuitive transition from discovery to dashboard


  • Self-service data loading, no modeling required.
  • Self-service blending of personal and corporate data.
  • Automatically inferred connection between data sets.


  • Touch and voice enabled, literally talk to your data.
  • Full mobile authoring.
  • Adaptive design for any device.
  • Native sharing with other applications for both Android and Apple.
  • Notifications on Android wear and Apple watch.

Advanced Analytics

  • Integration with hundreds of free functions.
  • Free R distribution for custom analytics, no RPD changes required.


  • More in-memory processing
  • In-memory Essbase on Exalytics

New Data Sources

  • Direct access to Oracle Hyperion application data.
  • Personal self-service data.
  • Direct access to Cloudera Impala.

Easy Upgrade

  • One file (BAR) for upgrade, backup, restore, recovery.
  • Free Baseline Validation Too


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