Health-Check Assessment

After an assesment of your BI platform, we can recommend improvements and point out pitfalls. We make sure your BI system evolves and grows together with your company.

Based on many years of experience, i4BI has gathered the knowledge on how a successful BI implementation should be. Not only the technical implementation is important, but also areas such as infrastructure, process, knowledge and engagement define if your BI roll-out will be a success. Bringing many projects live in different types of organizations active in different industries taught us the do’s and don’ts of the implementation of a typical BI solution. All components have to fit together, from hardware till reports in order to get the most out of your investment.




i4BI uses a standard checklist which has been proven to be successful with other customers. Each topic in our assessment is executed by one of our experienced consultants who are guided to ask the correct questions in order to score your implementation objectively. We do not only report what can be optimized, but also provide an action plan and estimates in order to improve your existing implementation to make sure you, as an organization, gets to most out of your BI solution.

Atypical from a standard application implementation such as an ERP or a CRM system, a BI solution requires different aspects, such a ‘knowledge and engagement’ of the business in order to be successful. (For us) standard questions as “Who are your key report users” and “does your report user know who to ask for advice while creating reports” are questions you should anticipate as an organization. The setup of a BICC can help you with this.